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The Revolving Paint Dream
The band was formed in London in 1983 by Andrew Innes, who had previously played guitar for Alan McGee's band The Laughing Apple, and also contributed to McGee's later band, Biff Bang Pow!. The band also featured Innes's girlfriend Christine Wanless on vocals, Ken Popple (also of Biff bang Pow!) on drums, and part-time contributions on guitar from McGee himself. The band's debut single, the psychedelic "Flowers are in the Sky"/"In the Afternoon", was released in early 1984, the second single on Creation Records.Three years passed before the band's next release, the mini-LP Off to Heaven, Innes now a member of Primal Scream and Wanless now working as a press officer for Creation. The band returned in 1989 with a new drummer, Luke Hayes, and a first full-length album, the experimental Mother Watch Me Burn. The band's final release, the "Sun, Sea, Sand" single, was issued the same year.

off to heaven
mother watch me burn

The Olivia Tremor Control
The Olivia Tremor Control was an Athens, Georgia, USA psychedelic rock band in the mid- to late 1990s which, along with The Apples in Stereo and Neutral Milk Hotel, was one of the three original Elephant 6 projects. The band was founded by the remnants of the group Synthetic Flying Machine (Jeff Mangum, Bill Doss, and Will Cullen Hart) in 1994 and disbanded in early 2000.The band’s distinct sound is a mixture of Doss and Hart’s experimental tendencies. This chemistry is evident in their albums given that some tracks are 2-3 minute pop songs, while others are electro-acoustic collages ranging in length from 2 seconds to 10 minutes, and differing in content from vibrant horns to near silence. Furthermore, the band released a record of experimental electro-acoustic music, The Late Music, Volume One, under the name The Black Swan Network, in 1997. Another Black Swan Network release, a 7” EP on the Happy Happy Birthday to Me label, appeared in 2000, though it did not feature Bill Doss. In October 1997, a “collaborative” LP between The Olivia Tremor Control and The Black Swan Network was released, originally as a tour-only item, and later put out as a CD by Flydaddy, which gave the record the title, The Olivia Tremor Control Vs. The Black Swan Network,’ though the band had never wanted the record to be named as such.

Music From An Unrealized Film Script, Dusk At Cubist Castle  

Black Foliage - Animation Music 

California Demise ep

Shonen Knife
Shonen Knife is an all-female Japanese pop punk band formed in Osaka, Japan in 1981. Heavily influenced by 1960s girl groups and early punk rock bands such as The Ramones, the trio crafts stripped-down songs expressing infectious melodies and simplistic, exuberant lyrics sung both in Japanese and English. Despite their pop-oriented nature, the trio maintains a distinctly underground garage rock sound rooted in edgy instrumentation and D.I.Y. aesthetics, which over the course of their twenty-seven-year career has earned them solid, worldwide cult following and made avid fans out of seminal ’90s alternative rock acts such as Sonic Youth, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, and Redd Kross. They have also performed as a Ramones tribute band under the name The Osaka Ramones.

Burning Farm 
Rock Animals

Beatnik Termites
The Beatnik Termites are an influential Cleveland, Ohio based power pop band with a heavy surf influence. The band’s original line up of Brian McCafferty on bass, Reggie Silvestri on drums and Pat Kim (Pat Termite) on guitar and lead vocals formed in 1987. Their sound and vocals are similar in style to the Beach Boys and early 60’s girl groups. While often lumped under the category pop-punk, what sets them apart from other bands in this genre is their more complicated melodies, vocal arrangements, and mid-tempo beats. They are seen as the progenitors of subgenre of punk dubbed “oldiescore”, which is characterized by sugary doo-wop / oldies influenced harmonies coupled with aggressive buzzsaw guitars and surf-punk drumbeats. Examples of other bands derivative of this style (some of whom cite the Beatnik Termites as a direct influence) include the Spazzys, the Proms, the Travoltas and the Unlovables. The Beatnik Termites are also cited as a major influence by numerous straightforward pop-punk acts including the Teen Idols, Mach Pelican, and the Steinways. In fact, the highly successful pop-punk band, the Queers are rumored to have named their “Bubblegum Dreams” EP after two earlier Beanik Termites releases, “Bubblecore” and “Schoolboy’s Dream”, respectively, even co-opting the artwork theme from “Bubblecore”. Artists of diverse musical genres, including Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain is documented to have cited the Beatnik Termites as one of his favorite bands in the Cobain Diaries.

School boys dream
Taste The Sand

Solar Powered People
Solar Powered People is a four-piece rock/shoegaze band from the Central Valley, CA, the United States. Emerging from a previous band, Apollo Trigger, Ryan Coscia, Doug McKinnon, and Tony Pennington created the solid foundation that is now Solar Powered People over three years ago. Dustin Morris was added into the fold within the last year and has helped the band reach the perfect blend of atmosphere and rock. Fresh from recording their second full-length, Living Through the Low, Solar Powered People are poised to launch into a bright future that should eclipse their already well accomplished past.At a live Solar Powered People show, the audience can expect an experience similar to receiving a hug from a friendly grizzly bear. The sound the band produces is enveloping, warm and powerful with just enough grit to leave a few claw marks. Some of the songs cut through the atmosphere with pace and power, while others sweep and swirl, wrapping the listener into a haze of sound. The various levels of volume, pace and space are anchored by two consistent elements. The always-solid rhythm section provided by Coscia and McKinnon give every song a sturdy backbone. Coscia’s powerful drumming and McKinnon’s tasteful bass lines are the rails on which each song can successfully roll from. The second consistent element is the melodic hooks layered into the guitars. There are no pointless notes in Morris’ or Pennington’s guitar lines. The weaving of guitar parts gives the listener many layers to uncover while listening.

Solar Powered People 
Living Through The Low 
The Sunshine Factory
The Sunshine Factory is a shoegaze/alternative music trio from Mobile, Al, made up of members Ian Taylor 22, guitars, tracking and vocals, Sally Robertson 18, bass and vocals, Mathew Hendrich 19, on drums. While playing shows from NYC to Atlanta, the band has produced two full length albums for The Sugar Collective on an independent label in St. Petersburg, Fl. Their debut album, Vintage Revolution was named to the top ten shoegaze albums for 2009 by Loveless music group in NYC, NY. The band will be touring this winter, spring and summer in support of their latest album, Sugar, released December 14, 2010. The Sunshine Factory has been compared to a variation of bands; from the Pixies to Elliot Smith. They join such bands as The Pains of being Pure at Heart, The Depreciation Guild, Serena-Maneesh, Ringo Deathstarr, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Ravonettes, Pilot Cloud and The Fauns in the shoegaze revival that is building in momentum. They see themselves as building on the foundations of shoegaze which began in the early nineties. They incorporate the foundations but include many other elements feeling the freedom to develop and create music that is definitely uniquely their own.

The Sunshine Factory - Vintage Revolution

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Crush 22

They were a summer band that broke up in the winter. Members went on to Argentina, Brasilia, Brittle Stars, Elephant Parade, the French Horns, Human Television, Mahogany and Nervous Systems. This band only existed for seven months and they played four or five shows. Their last show was at the 1998 Florida Pop Fest opening up for Neutral Milk Hotel.


Neil Halstead

Neil Halstead (born 7 October 1970 in Luton, England) is a British guitarist and singer. He was a founding member of Slowdive. When Slowdive disbanded, Halstead, along with some other members of Slowdive (including longtime friend and musical collaborator Rachel Goswell), formed Mojave 3, a British country/folk band that features Halstead as the principal singer and songwriter. He also plays guitar.

Oh! Mighty Engine
Sleeping on roads
Elephant Parade

Elephant parade is a whole lotta love wrapped up in a tiny package.
They are a parade of miniature musical elephants marching across your bed playing various miniature instruments, singing and whistling through their trunks and waking you up, but in a good way.

Bedroom Recordings

Horse Shoes

Some boys in Florida making beautiful pop songs. Their sound can be described like Stone Roses taking trip through time with the time machine ending up in swinging ’60s. If you like the sound of The Clientele, Beachwood Sparks, The Tyde, Talulah Gosh, Stars, you’re in the right place.

These Americans are the other sons of Sarah Records, with a sound clearly influenced by Field Mice, or even very similar to contemporary bands such as Air France. Shelflife and has signed for 2009.

The Imperial School

Good Shoes

Good Shoes are an indie rock band which formed in Morden, London, England in 2004 They consist of Rhys Jones (vocals, guitar), Steve Leach (guitar), William Church (bass) and Tom Jones (drums)

No Hope No Future
Think Before You Speak


La chica vampira
Cyborgs paseando
Oso Panda

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Oeil - Urban Twilight
Oeil is a japanese band from Tokyo. Shoegaze band, they love making destructive noises by using guitar and effects during live performances.
01. Strawberry cream
02. white
03. Urban Twilight
04. Dracaena sanderiana
05. Monster's film
Burrrn is a shoegaze band from Tokyo, consisting of the Hitomi Torii (guitar/vox), Hideharu Watanabe (guitar/vox), Shuukou Yanagi (bass), and Yoshimi Nano (drums).


Formed way back by andreas, hannes, magnus, and different bass-players, we shed light over Gothenburg for almost 8 years, until we disbanded. members went off to work on other projects, magnus & andreas are currently wrtiting under the name BOAT CLUB. Carl now goes by the name CARL RIIS. The other former citylights-members kept their old names, and are doing other projects.

Laika - Good Looking Blues

Laika - Sounds Of The Satellites

Laika - Silver Apples Of The Moon

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An annual, all shoegaze, festival that resides in Asia with a stellar lineup of Shoegaze bands from around the region. Intimate, DIY, and a celebration of a scene that celebrates itself. Initially launched as a tour of Indonesia in 2008, with the second installment in 2009, this year marks the third celebration and will be held right here in Singapore!

Whatever happened to stagediving, headbanging, dancing, and floppy fringes? Let’s party like it’s 1991!

Supersonic Sound Fest

Under The Velvet Sky (SG)
A psyche, freejazz and avant garde improv band consisting of the core members, Jordan, Arif, Imran, Zul, Din and Fendy. Utilising the use of multi instruments of various ethnicities, they forged a multitude of flavours backed by pulsating visceral bass lines and psyche grooves. The band has released the magnum opus EP entitled 'Black Sea Sorcery' and has played various shows in SG as well as the Echo Fest in Jakarta to a welcoming cult audience both local and overseas.


Stellarium (SG)
A band that prides itself as 'earbleedwaxpopsupersonicwhitenoisesoundfeedbackfuzzkill', or in other words; intense, explosive, fuzzed out psychodelica and rock 'n roll mixed in with early 90s concepts as well as post-punk, their self-titled album have been on UK's Drowned In Sound, France's Ca Depend Des Jours and NYC's Deli Magazine as well as local national newspaper The Straits Times and Today. They're not here to impress, they're just here to melt your faces and they certainly enjoy doing it. Get Fuzzbombed.


MellonYellow (JKT)
is Bintang, Gita, Bagus and Tyo. Hailing from Jakarta, these guys have a shared madness of fuzz boxes and dancing at the wrong time and place. Jokes aside, after last year’s self-released Milk Calcium EP, they released a CD-R single for ‘Never Own You’ and contains a healthy dose of early 90s shoegaze sounds. Sometimes age becomes troublesome in a certain way, but the band still doesn't know how to stop, and it’s still for a reason: FUN.


Sharesprings (JKT)
The band established an element of late 80 and early 90 music with their simple structure of indie pop combined with shoegaze as well as a noisy ambience. Bridging the gap between the indie pop of Yo La Tengo and the noise twee of MBV’s early, Sharesprings built a reputation by infusing twee in their songs and are well loved by many. These nice guys have released a single under a well known compilation, Half Dreaming, released by Quince Records, Japan and plans to follow up with another single right here in Supersonic Sound Fest 2010 in Singapore!


Supersonic Sound Fest 2010
10th December 2010
Event is slated to start at 8pm followed by BEAT! at midnight
Entry $8 with one drink (Includes entry for BEAT!)
Home Club

The bands will be selling their CDs and merchandise at the event! Bring extra cash! Something not to be missed!

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Tenniscoats - The Theme Of Tenniscoats

Tenniscoats - The Ending Theme EP

Tenniscoats - We Are Everyone

Tenniscoats - Live Wanderus

Tenniscoats - Totemo Aimasho

Tenniscoats - Tan Tan Therapy

Tenniscoats - Temporacha


World's End Girlfriend - Seven Idiots

VA - Summer Escape

Hello Misery by Blue Stereo
Constellation Of My Heart by Archaster
Clouds Upon Clouds by Under Shooting Stars
Moonlight Darling by Carnival Park
Winter Over Summer [Live] by Meloldy Style Apartment
The Rain Knows by The Wentletraps
Pillows And Blankets by Kid Auto Races At Venice
Until Goodbye by A Painted September
Last Summer's Love Affair by Apple Orchard
Why Are You So Lovely? by National Express
Sunday Picnic Love Affair [Live] by Sunday Picnic Love Affair
The Things You Say by Sodajerk
Just Like The Sky by Soft Pillow Kisses
Everything She Had by Citrusphere
Before Anything Else by The Fantasy Lights
Untitled #1 by In Between Blue And Green
A Summer Escape by Golden Teardrops
Division by Envelope And Seabirds
Pretending That We're Smart by Candyaudioline

VA - Strange Carousels

Daylight Punch by On Petals
First Time by Grace Period
Ann by Slumbook
Miss Photogenic by Camera Shy
Kissus by Arigato, Hato!
Strange Carousels by Radio Manila
Sink Into Something by Superminty
Neither One [Live] by Eulluvye
The Games We Play by The Jealous Sea
With You by Farewell Isobel
Never Meant To Last by Lovely Days And Loud Hurrays
Pop Song (Can't Figure Out) by Lazy Lorelei
I Left My Heart In San Pedro by Spazzkid
Be My Lorraine by Balloon Derby
Summer's Somber by Dewdrop Fountain
A Story About What by Adorable Adorations
We Have To Find A Reason by Aurora's Beating Heart
Blood On The Mat [Live] by Nocturnal We
Moving Up by Aspirin
Evergreen Days by Some Gorgeous Accident
Set Ashore [Instrumental] by Ananda