Rabu, 08 September 2010


01 Declaration/Riding On The Equator [Usura]
02 Primitive Painters [Venus Peter]
03 Don't Die On My Doorstep [Hulla Hoop]
04 My Darkest Light Will Shine [Le Mans]
05 Whirlpool Vision Of Shame [Spring]
06 Mexican Bandits [Evergreen Dazed]
07 I Can't Make Love To You Anymore [Red Letter Day]
08 Rain Of Crystal Spires [Yeah Jazz]
09 Mobile Shack [The Pearly Gatecrashers]
10 I Didn't Mean To Hurt You [Acid House Kings]
11 Sandman's On The Rise Again [Vicarage Gargen]
12 Bitter End [White Town]
13 Christopher St. [Automatics]
14 Ballad Of The Band [Home End Abroad]
15 Indian Scriptures [Daily Planet]
16 She Lives By The Castle [Clark Springs]
17 Apple Boutique [Los Planetas]
18 The Final Resting Of The Ark [Penelope Trip]


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