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An annual, all shoegaze, festival that resides in Asia with a stellar lineup of Shoegaze bands from around the region. Intimate, DIY, and a celebration of a scene that celebrates itself. Initially launched as a tour of Indonesia in 2008, with the second installment in 2009, this year marks the third celebration and will be held right here in Singapore!

Whatever happened to stagediving, headbanging, dancing, and floppy fringes? Let’s party like it’s 1991!

Supersonic Sound Fest

Under The Velvet Sky (SG)
A psyche, freejazz and avant garde improv band consisting of the core members, Jordan, Arif, Imran, Zul, Din and Fendy. Utilising the use of multi instruments of various ethnicities, they forged a multitude of flavours backed by pulsating visceral bass lines and psyche grooves. The band has released the magnum opus EP entitled 'Black Sea Sorcery' and has played various shows in SG as well as the Echo Fest in Jakarta to a welcoming cult audience both local and overseas.


Stellarium (SG)
A band that prides itself as 'earbleedwaxpopsupersonicwhitenoisesoundfeedbackfuzzkill', or in other words; intense, explosive, fuzzed out psychodelica and rock 'n roll mixed in with early 90s concepts as well as post-punk, their self-titled album have been on UK's Drowned In Sound, France's Ca Depend Des Jours and NYC's Deli Magazine as well as local national newspaper The Straits Times and Today. They're not here to impress, they're just here to melt your faces and they certainly enjoy doing it. Get Fuzzbombed.


MellonYellow (JKT)
is Bintang, Gita, Bagus and Tyo. Hailing from Jakarta, these guys have a shared madness of fuzz boxes and dancing at the wrong time and place. Jokes aside, after last year’s self-released Milk Calcium EP, they released a CD-R single for ‘Never Own You’ and contains a healthy dose of early 90s shoegaze sounds. Sometimes age becomes troublesome in a certain way, but the band still doesn't know how to stop, and it’s still for a reason: FUN.


Sharesprings (JKT)
The band established an element of late 80 and early 90 music with their simple structure of indie pop combined with shoegaze as well as a noisy ambience. Bridging the gap between the indie pop of Yo La Tengo and the noise twee of MBV’s early, Sharesprings built a reputation by infusing twee in their songs and are well loved by many. These nice guys have released a single under a well known compilation, Half Dreaming, released by Quince Records, Japan and plans to follow up with another single right here in Supersonic Sound Fest 2010 in Singapore!


Supersonic Sound Fest 2010
10th December 2010
Event is slated to start at 8pm followed by BEAT! at midnight
Entry $8 with one drink (Includes entry for BEAT!)
Home Club

The bands will be selling their CDs and merchandise at the event! Bring extra cash! Something not to be missed!

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